App Store Optimization Services(ASO)

Optimize the apps to achieve top ranks in the
app store searches.

Application Store Optimization refers to optimizing the apps to achieve top ranks in the app store searches. This is similar to SEO that helps improving the visibility of your website in popular search engines. ASO also supports boosting the visibility of the application to attract more visitors; therefore, the app can be easily downloaded. This will also increase the brand visibility.

Understand the need of App Store Optimization App Stores has ranking factors as such of Google’s ranking factor that list your websites for specific keyword in search list. Optimize your app and make your app list in higher rankings in search results of appstore.If you don’t concentrate in ASO your app will be somewhere else and know one will come know about it.

– According to an survey conducted by an European Technographics Consumer Tech, around 63% all apps that are downloaded and are used found by searching with the relevant keywords.

    points on how we work with App Store Optimization:
  • Understand target customer
  • App Title, Keywords, Description
  • APP icon, Screenshot & Video Optimization
  • Localize application listing
  • Increasing apps traffic with promotions
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ASO is similar to SEO?

ASO is similar to SEO, which is the technique used to increase the visibility of web pages. We can imagine the app stores as a big department stores where the apps are the products. The user entering in the app store can navigate through featured apps, which are chosen by app stores. The user may also be interested in a certain app category like games, shopping apps, tools like flashlights and other utilities. In a store, the products that lie ahead in the best positions on the rankings are likely to be more viewed and bought. Likewise, mobile apps in the best positions within the app categories will also be most viewed and downloaded.

The importance of App Store Optimization

A FIKSU survey showed that 75% of Android apps downloads come from search. 50% are searches using a brand name, then they are from users who already knew the app or brand before searching, and 25% are generic searches such as offers and logic games. This survey also showed that users who download an app during the search are 50% more likely to turn into loyal users. Then, if all that potential of app store users is in search, you need to usetools for App Store Optimization to appear in the top positions. Having a good positioning can bring benefits like:

  • More visibility Who is seen will be remembered! In this case, the better your rankings are, the more visible -and more viewed- is your app will be
  • As Users tend to click more on apps that appear in the first Results, the more downloads you will get.

Positioning in the app store

For a better understanding of the relationship between better visibility in the app store and more downloads, you need to understand another data: 80% of the times a user searches for a word in the app store search (considering top app stores such as Apple’s app store and Play Store)the user downloads one of the applications that appears in the top 10 positions. That is, 8 out of 10 users only go to the tenth position in the ranking to check the apps, and the vast majority only downloads the firsts placed. This is an example of opportunity for large vehicles that have soap opera content. Users tend to download featured apps, which in this case are not leading apps in the subject. This best practices of App Store Optimization is an opportunity that would be better used if the best keywords were used along with other forms of optimization