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Hire Dedicated and Highly skilled Developers

Devlok Technology helps you to achieve your business goals and objects by serving the highly skilled and dedicated developers, programmers, specialist and experts of programming for hire. You can hire developers as per your company and project demands, whether you need to hire developers on full-time, part-time or hourly basis, we serve the proficient members which best fit in your project needs. We follow the flexible hiring models to make sure that our clients never face any issue during the work progress. We provide onsite support to meet with your business and organizational objectives. We quickly ramp up a team of dedicated experts and developers to start your projects on time and ensures that we complete the projects to match the given deadline. You can hire developers anytime and for any size of the project, we always prioritize your requirements and needs of hiring developers and assign the best-dedicated developer team to meet with your project duration and size needs. Devlok Technology has the number of outstanding freelance developers who deliver amazing results using the latest technologies and trendy market blend if you allow us to become your partner to complete your business goals.


The dedicated resource hiring model is the type of business management model which is preferred by the majority of the business who want to hire developers for the short and long during for developing websites, mobile applications and software. And our dedicated resource hiring model is the cost-effective and best option in the marketplace to grow your business. Our model gives your organization an opportunity to choose their developers team flexibly as per their project demands and also the company can manage the time according to their work. You can utilize your time and can save money by choosing the Devlok Technology’s dedicated resource hiring model to hire developers depends on the skills you need to complete your projects. Devlok Technology ensures that your offshore projects handled well by the developers you have hired to develop the web and mobile applications as per your demands. Benefits of choosing our resource hiring models are:

Dedicated hiring ensures a seamless handling of your offshore projects with multitude of gains to your business:

  • •You can hire developers with the best talent and as per your requirement of skills.
  • •You can save your time and money both assets by choosing us as your offshore project management partners.
  • •You can remotely manage the team of freelance developers
  • •Staff management
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Hire Dedicated Developers on Time & Material Basis

Devlok Technology serves you the dedicated team of programmers, on the basis of the time and material invested during the projects. It resolves your dilemma to hire the freelance developer's team in fixed amount and time, you can pay according to the time of project completion and the material you want to include in your developing project. Choosing the model of time & material basis hiring process, you can track the changing priorities of the projects and can involve the perfection in your delivering to maintain long-term business relationships with your client, and we also work for the same.

Our time & material basis business model is beneficial for you if your projects are longer during and suppose the revision is required during the time of implementation or development process of the applications. We focus to deliver the best technology solutions to our clients and the time & material basis business model will help us to work together longer and to come with the unique and best-fitted solutions for the ongoing projects. So, if you are in dilemma that what exactly your client’s requirements and requirements of the project varying regularly, then the time & material basis business model, what exactly meet with your needs.

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Hire Freelance Developers on Turnkey or Fixed Cost Basis

As the hiring model name implies, you can hire developer on the fixed budget and time during. Delok Technology has a good offer for you if you choose our Turnkey or Fixed Cost Basis business model to collaborate with us. We deliver the right and exact business solution you wish you in your budget. Only with the condition that your organization have a well-planned documentations of the requirements of your clients and know how much time it takes to complete. You can deal with us in terms of the fixed cost basis projects and we ensure that we deliver the best team of developers who can implement the applications and software to meet with your client’s demands.

Our Turnkey or Fixed Cost Basis model will provide the multitude to gain the business objectives and to build good brand value in the market. We assign the best team of the freelance developer when it comes to delivering our best. The team first analyze the business objects and then implement the solutions in your budget. Using the latest technology solutions and tools, our experts deliver the results which are beyond your expectations also. You can connect with Delok Technology freelance developers anytime to hire them for your offshore projects.

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Hire highly skilled developers on Milestone Basis

Devlok Technology will take care of all concerns if you are outsourcing your projects for the very first time. Our milestone basis resource hiring model will help you to manage remotely your projects with the highly skilled and dedicated team of developers. You can hire developers on a set milestone from us and we will take care of all the concerns regarding the project, you handover to our dedicated developers. We have IT professionals in our team of freelance developers, who are ready to serve you on your milestone. The milestone-based projects justify your payment and you can track all your work progress to manage the things better.

Our team of programmers have specialization in the field of programming and are skilled with the knowledge what exactly required to develop the best web and mobile solutions for you. We have trustworthy developers who always work as you want to perform your tasks and they follow all the instructions which you delivered during the documentation to develop the best-in-class solutions for you. We the years of experienced developers who are even able to implement best IT solutions from the clutch.

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Hire dedicated developers for Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) Model

Devlok Technology model of build, operate & transfer (BOT) is the best and perfect choice for you if you are planning to develop the in-house service extensions. You can hire our staff as dedicated members or as a hybrid basis. We serve our services for a defined time of period and after the time of the service expired, we hand over all the service subsidiaries to you. Our expert team advice you for the best and help you take the right decision on the peak time of service extension, they implement the perfect solutions for your clients.

Benefits of choosing us for Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) business Model:

  • • You can set up your in-house IT department using ou team of experts who have skills which you exactly require and can grow your company’s infrastructure.
  • • You will get the scalable and stable team of freelance developers who manage all projects and deliver the expected results.
  • • You can save time and money as you will choose our BOT model to extend your business services and reach
  • • You can handle remotely your chosen team of dedicated developers and also we keep transparency in our work process and prices also.
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Hire our experts for Revenue Sharing Alliance Model

Devlok Technology is offering a good business Revenue Sharing Alliance Model, in which you can be the front face and take parts in the business related communication and discussion sessions about the projects and we manage all the back-end work and develop the most unique & best solution for the clients. In this pattern, we work with us as the partners and share the project's revenue according to the agreed parameter. In the Revenue Sharing Alliance Model, we work together and share all the resources with you so you can handle client queries easily.

We are also offering some new ventures and start-ups to become the front face of the Devlok Technology on the Geographic Region. We forward you the leads and business offers, and you manage the client queries and crack the deals. In short, we are offering a joint venture opportunity with us!

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Hire our dedicated team for Equity Sharing Model

Devlok Technology comes in the market with an amazing Equity Sharing Model for the business. By choosing our Equity Sharing Model, you will become the partner with us and we share the revenues as per agreed terms. The process of our business model is very easy as if you are agreed to work with us and serving the same solutions then you can join our hands and grow your business. We are offering, you some amazing offer which is equally beneficial for both of us.

Devlok Technology is offering the long-term co-ownership even you are a new venture or a big organization, joining hands with us will boost your business reach and revenues as well. Our freelance developer's team is always available to take responsibilities and develop the solutions which meet with the client needs and requirements.

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Referral Partnership business model

Are you looking for a company who are ready to share their revenues? Then, you are in the right place. Devlok Technology has the plans for individuals too. The process of the referral partnership model is, you promote our business wherever you can, and crack the deals for us. The benefits and payment based on the percentage which is decided during the agreement. You will get the commissions based on each deal or leads you to bring for us.

We are looking for the partners, who are ready to deliver the best project to us and in return, we pay the good amount on the percentage basis. If you have any project leads regarding development then you can connect with us and also find us at your service.

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